The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates offers excellent services and specialized attention in all areas of immigration law. We help employers obtain foreign talent and individuals achieve the American dream; all at an affordable cost. Understanding the critical nature of immigration matters is paramount, which is why we pay personalized attention to every case. Our attorneys have a track record of achieving success with the most difficult cases. No matter where you are, let us take care of all your immigration needs. Serving clients worldwide.

Our Immigration Services

Family-Based Immigration
If you have a family member who is a U.S. citizen or Legal Resident, they may be able to sponsor or legalize your status. Secure your future today. Call us to start the residency process.

Citizenship & Naturalization
One of the most costly mistakes a resident can make is to put off becoming a U.S. Citizen. Many residents lose their status because of criminal or abandonment issues. Don’t risk your future. Call us today to start your path to citizenship.

Employment-Based Immigration
Whether you are an employer looking to hire foreign talent or an employee seeking work opportunities in the U.S., we can help. Call us now for an evaluation.

Deportation and Removal Proceedings
Fight your deportation case with an experienced attorney who cares about your success. Don’t get deported. Get Justice! Call us now to evaluate your case.

Foreign investors have played an instrumental role in the US economy. We take great pride helping investors help our country. Whether you are interested in an E-2 visa or an EB-5 visa, we can help. Call us now for a case evaluation.

Waivers of Inadmissibility
If you are inadmissible because of overstayed or criminal violations, we can help. We will put forth the best argument possible for your success. Call us now to evaluate your case.

About the Firm

We are a national law firm that will aggressively help you with all of your immigration needs. We help employers obtain foreign talent and individuals achieve the American dream; all at an affordable cost.

At Higbee & Associates, we do things differently. Not only have we made immigration services affordable, we take your phone calls and your concerns seriously. We pride ourselves in the accessibility of our attorneys and their level of communication. We will notify you of every step we make in your case so you are never left wondering, “what is my attorney doing?”

Our attorneys are able to represent clients residing all over the United States and the world. Most of the time, a physical office visit is unnecessary. By utilizing various methods of communication such as e-mail, Skype, e-chat, phone and fax, we have created a world of instant accessibility. The law firm has the professionalism and experience to achieve the highest level of success for its clients.

Trust Higbee and Associates for your immigration needs, because we get it right the first time!


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