Business Litigation

Business litigation involves a wide breadth of matters including internal business disputes, prosecuting or defending against claims of breach of contract, unfair competition, unfair business practices, fraud and other business torts.  The attorneys at Higbee & Associates take the time necessary to understand each of our client’s businesses needs and legal issues. We take great pride  →

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime or have a court date scheduled, Higbee & Associates can help. We have represented clients in various criminal matters and have the experience and skill set to successfully combat your charges. Our law firm has handled thousands of cases in the criminal courts and is very familiar  →

Employment Law

Higbee & Associates understands how difficult the current job and business markets are and is here to protect and help you.  We can offer  legal representation to both employees and employers who find themselves in a wide variety of employment issues.   As an employee, you may find that your employer has terminated you based  →

Expungement of Criminal Records is the post-conviction relief division of Higbee & Associates that serves 17 states.  The division is a national leader in expungement that is renown for it incredible track record of success, which includes more than 13,000 wins and multiple published appeals, and its effluence on helping reform expungement related laws. Every year Higbee &  →


Our immigration attorneys are experienced in highly complex immigration matters. We offer services to individuals nationwide and worldwide. For USA immigration, please click here.   We can help you with all immigration matters, whether: You are a US citizen or resident family member wishing to bring a loved one to the United States to live with  →

Corporate Law

From a start-up information technology company to a large automotive company, Higbee and Associates acts as general counsel for several businesses.  Our experienced attorneys are available to advise and assist you and your business. Higbee & Associates has assisted in the formation, governance and dissolution of sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies,  →

Real Estate Litigation

The attorneys of Higbee & Associates prosecute and defend litigation involving real estate contracts, residential purchase agreements, loans and landlord-tenant disputes.  We routinely represent owners, borrowers, landlords, tenants and other clients in disputes involving:   Purchase/sale contracts and options, including specific performance and escrow matters, as well as rescission, material misrepresentation, concealment and other fraud/mistake  →

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

If you are being stalked, harassed, or in fear for your safety, you should consult with an attorney at Higbee & Associates immediately to make certain that your health and well-being is protected. Alternatively, if a temporary restraining order has been brought against you, the attorneys at Higbee & Associates are available to help you.   →

Child Custody

When child custody disputes arise, it is often one of the most frightening, stressful, and emotionally draining times in one’s life.  Sometimes these disputes are the most heated and contested issue in a divorce.  The outcome will not only affect your children, it will also affect your life and your family.  It is important as  →

Child Support

California child support guidelines are complex and confusing.  At Higbee & Associates, we understand the statutory guidelines for child support and will do everything possible to make sure that your child receives the amount of child support that they are entitled to under California law. California courts adhere to uniform guidelines in setting child support  →


At Higbee & Associates, we understand that the decision to end a marriage can be one of the most difficult, emotional and challenging times that one will encounter in their life.  Our compassionate and experienced attorneys understand that divorce proceedings are often met with high stress and charged emotions.  A divorce will generally bring immediate  →

Spousal Support

Often times a spouse will find themselves in a very precarious position because they are either the higher-earning spouse, or the stay-at-home spouse, bringing to light many questions of finances and spousal support.  The attorneys at Higbee & Associates can help you answer your questions and assist you with all of your spousal support issues.  →

Parentage, Adoption and Guardianship

Parentage When two unmarried individuals have a child together, there is a common misconception that the father will automatically have parental rights to the child.  However, as shocking as it may be, a father who is not married to the mother of the child is not the legal father and does not have any legal  →

Copyright Law

Copyright Law Higbee & Associates provides a wide range of copyright related services designed to help creative professionals maximize their potential and protect their livelihood. We can help with everything from registration, to licensing, to enforcement— including pre-litigation negotiation and, when need be, litigation. We have handled hundreds of copyright cases and were featured as  →