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Mathew Higbee has been interviewed for an article in the magazine Fast Company entitled “Here Come The Copyright Bots For Hire, With Lawyers In Tow.” The article highlights the prolific copyright settlements achieved by the Copyright Division of Higbee & Associates, being one of the top 10 firms filing cases in the U.S. last year.  →

Lex Machina, an industry leader in law firm analytics, named the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates as one of the top 100 most active copyright litigation law firms in 2016. Lex Machina helps clients find top law firms in various legal fields by analyzing a wide range of data. The Higbee & Associates Copyright  →

This holiday season, the Higbee & Associates team joined together to bring Christmas to a family in need, made sure our furry friends were warm, and helped feed our community through donations. Higbee & Associates brought joy to a family for the holidays by donating and delivering gifts. The team worked in with the South  →