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Higbee & Associates scored another win on summary judgment. This time for its client Incredible Features, Inc against an online publisher, Back China. The case involved the use of several of the plaintiff’s photos on a news site. The defendant’s business is based in Texas, but its advertising agreements with companies in California allowed for  →

American XO filed a copyright case against Benny Blanco, Ed Sheeran, Khalid, and Halsey over the 2018 hit “Eastside”. The complaint alleges that the megahit infringed on American XO’s 2015 song Loveless. The complaint was filed May 24, 2021 in the Central District of California. American XO is represented by The Law Firm of Higbee  →

Lois et al v. Levin et al | Kotsa Lois and Shane Williams v. Benny Blanco et al.    Click the video link below to listen to the songs.