Our consumer advocacy division has helped thousands of clients deal with financial problems and assert their rights against abusive collection practices.   Services include Fair Debt Collection Practice (FDCPA) actions, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) actions, bankrputcy, debt settlement, and litigation defense.

If you are having trouble paying your debts owed to unsecured creditors, our Debt Management Program can help you get back on your feet.  This comprehensive program will stop debt collectors from harassing you, evaluate and represent you in any FDCPA and FCRA claims, provide you information on how to better manage your finances, and review options to reduce or eliminate your debts with bankruptcy or debt settlement.  If you get sued by a creditor on an unsecured debt, we will represent you for a low-flat fee or a discounted hourly rate. 

If you are getting sued by a creditor, we have litigation defense options for you.  We can represent you in court for an hourly fee or a flat-fee.  Flat-fee representation can be as low as $1,750 for representation through trial.   We have handled thousands of cases.  We will explore possible valid defenses or counterclaims, and work to get you in a position to win or get the best outcome possible.  

If you cannot afford to hire us, we our In Pro Per Services will enable us to help you represent yourself in court.  We will prepare documents for you and coach you on how to handle any hearings.  Prices start at $225.

Your creditors are backed by lawyers.  When it comes time to assert your rights and to find solutions,  you should too.   Don’t trust something as important as your money and financial future to “debt settlement companies” who rush you into a single purpose, one size fits all program.  Our lawyers are experienced and passionate about helping people get out of tough situations.