Failing to defend a lawsuit can result in you owing more than you may otherwise.  It can also result in judgments and wage garnishments.    We can defend you against lawsuits brought by creditors for personal debts that you may owe. 

Creditors know that most people, approximately 70 percent, will not fight back and accept a default judgment for the amount the creditor determines, which can be higher than what is actually owed.(1)   You can fight back.

In many instances, we can settle cases for less than you owe before forcing both parties to incur the significant costs associated with defending the lawsuit.   Spending a few hundred dollars might save you thousands of dollars and spare you a lot of stress and embarrassment.

Our law firm has handled thousands of litigation cases against creditors of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies, such as American Express and Discover, to the smallest of creditors.    Hiring an attorney might be less expensive than you think.   We have a variety of payment options for those looking for help in defending against a creditor lawsuit.

Flat Fee Pricing

We can quote you a price to handle the entire lawsuit, from the start to the end of trial or adjudication.   Flat fee prices are typically $900 to $3,000 depending on the facts of the case.   Flat fee pricing covers all of the attorneys’ fees.    The flat-fee does not cover court costs, such as filing fees, and it does not include any appeals or post-judgment work.  

Legal Defense Program

Our legal defense program is our most popular option for those who suspect that they will soon be sued by a creditor.    For a retainer payment of $15.95 a month, we will allocate discounted time to you each month that will allow us to handle any creditor lawsuit for a price that is fixed at the time you sign-up, typically $299, which will include all court costs.   This offering is extremely popular for people who are in debt settlement programs, where there is a substantial chance of getting sued by a creditor.  You must enroll in the program prior to being sued on an account that you wish us to defend.

Hourly Pricing

The traditional form of payment is by paying hourly for the time it takes to handle the lawsuit.   The hourly rate is determined by who performs the work.  We have a separate rate for attorneys and non-attorney, staff members.   The rate for attorneys is between $200 an hour and $500 an hour, depending on the experience level of the attorney.   The rate for non-attorney staff is typically $150 an hour.    This payment structure is a good option for those who are confident that the matter can be resolved fast and want a chance to pay less than the flat-fee price.  It is also good for those who want access to our most experienced attorneys and who do not mind spending more money than they would if they paid a flat-fee.


There are important terms and limitations to some of the offerings described on this page. Prices may change after publication.   We want you to be happy with any service we provide you, so please read your contract carefully and ask any questions prior to signing.  Prices are not set by law and can be negotiated.   Any past performance mentioned does not guarantee future results.