RecordGone.com is the post-conviction relief division of Higbee & Associates that serves 17 states.  The division is a national leader in expungement that is renown for it incredible track record of success, which includes more than 13,000 wins and multiple published appeals, and its effluence on helping reform expungement related laws.

Every year Higbee & Associates helps thousands of people improve their lives by helping them put their past behind them and create a brighter future.   Whether it is for purposes of securing better employment, improving housing opportunities or anything else, RecordGone.com is the go to name criminal record clearing.

Orange County Record Expungement Law Firm Goes National

RecordGone.com started as a law firm that only handled cases in Orange County, CA, however, the success in the court room and with clients fueled rapid growth.  The division expanded to all of California and then went national, now handling expungement of court records in 17 states.  The law firm has pioneered criminal record clearing services that it offer nationwide.  The first, Expedited Record Clearance Update, helps solved the problem of expunged or sealed records showing up on commercial background checks.  The second, Criminal Background Check Removal, gets all records about a person removed from 30 popular people search websites.

RecordGone.com provides comprehensive and easy to understand information about the post-conviction remedies in each state served. Potential clients can take a free online eligibility test to what determine remedies are appropriate. Most of RecordGone.com’s services come with a low-price guarantee, money-back guarantee and a flat-fee. Other client friendly policies include interest free payment plans and an online case management system that allows secure and instant access to case details 24 hours a day.

Please go to RecordGone.com to find out more information about post-conviction relief. You can also take the free online eligibility test to see if you qualify to clear your criminal record. Read the recordgone reviews from our satisfied clients.

If you are already a client, you can log in to our client portal here.


The RecordGone.com division can be reached toll-free at 877-573-7273