California child support guidelines are complex and confusing.  At Higbee & Associates, we understand the statutory guidelines for child support and will do everything possible to make sure that your child receives the amount of child support that they are entitled to under California law.

California courts adhere to uniform guidelines in setting child support orders and use a complex formula to come up with the child support amount. This formula weighs the net income of both parents, the number of children between the mother and father, each parent’s visitation and custody percentage, among other factors.

At Higbee & Associates, we will help you secure a child support order that your child is entitled to, or if you are faced with a change in circumstances (for example, loss of income or lost job) and need a current child support order to be modified we are available to help. Our mission is to ease your burden and ensure that both the financial rights of you and your child are represented.

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