Lois et al v. Levin et al | Kotsa Lois and Shane Williams v. Benny Blanco et al.    Click the video link below to listen to the songs.

Higbee & Associates secures significant victory in appellate court decision concerning client’s application for relief under PC 1203.4 and PC 17, and protective against a $370,000 untimely restitution judgment.  This is firm’s ninth appellate win involving PC 1203.4. This week, the California Fourth District Court of Appel issued another favorable decision for a client of Higbee & Associates.  The case—People of the State of  →

Higbee & Associates has won an appeal at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of one of the firm’s photographer clients.  The case may make it easier for photographers to fend off motions to dismiss based on the three-year statute of limitations.  The appeal stems from a dispute regarding whether the use of  →