Upcoming and past Pro Bono events


All employees of Higbee & Associates participate in pro bono cases and projects.   We believe that most of the legal services that we provide help ensure a just result in the legal system and society.  Therefore, providing free legal service to those who cannot pay  is part of our civic duty to help insure justice for all people, regardless of ability to pay.   We also believe that many of our legal services have the ability to change lives for the better.  Having the opportunity to provide these services for free to those who cannot pay is mutually rewarding.   Our goal is to never turn anyone away for the lack of ability to pay.


Below are just a few of Higbee & Associates’ ongoing pro bono projects and partnerships:


  • Taller San Jose (St. Joseph’s Workshop)
  • California’s Gang Intervention Conference (Sponsored by the Orange County Dept. of Education)
  • Foundation for Continuing Justice
  • Pardon411.com
  • RecordClearing.org
  • One Stop Center (Sponsored by the Workforce Investment Act)