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Should you patiently wait for some type of legalizing reform? Or pursue benefits through DACA now? Many potential DREAMers are asking whether it would be wise to wait for the Immigration reform to pass and seek legalization, or to apply for DACA now. In recent weeks the Senate introduced their immigration bill, NO. S.744. This  →

Higbee & Associates attorney, Natasha Buchanan, was extensively quoted in a USA Today article entitled, “FDIC Quietly Changes Rules That Cost Thousands Their Jobs,” which highlights the FDIC regulation change that was likely inspired by the story of Richard Eggers.  Mr. Eggers, a 69 year old Wells Fargo Employee, was terminated after a background check revealed he  →

Since the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, commonly known as DOMA, many same-sex couples have reacted by taking advantage of the new immigration benefits that became available overnight. Others have been skeptical and somehow led to believe that DOMA only applied to certain individuals who were already married in a marriage equality  →