An estimated 11 million illegal immigrants may have the opportunity to lawfully secure permanent residency in the US within eight years, according to the drafted immigration bill entitled “Lawful Prospective Immigrant” in The White House. This approach towards immigration reform can cause detrimental consequences to immigrants who have a criminal record.

If the bill is enacted, President Barack Obama’s proposal will “target convicted [immigrant] criminals in federal or state correctional facilities,” according to The White House Office of the Press Secretary. Convicted criminals will:

  • Be removed from the US without the possibility of re-entering into the community
  • Need to pass a thorough criminal background check
  • Be ineligible for the bill if:
  • Immigrant served more than a year in prison from a criminal conviction
  • Immigrant was convicted of three or more crimes and sentenced to a total of 90 days in jail

The proposed bill is said to enter Congress by mid-March this year. According to the proposal, clearing your criminal record prior to seeking immigration services strengthens your chances in securing your path to legally immigrating into the US.

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