The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates became a proud sponsor of the Digital Media Licensing Association, also known as the DMLA. The DMLA has been an advocate for copyright protection for more than 60 years.
Digital Media Licensing Association

“The stated vision of the DMLA, ‘To promote and protect the interests of the media licensing community through advocacy, education and communication,’ aligns with every pillar that the Higbee & Associates Copyright Division was founded on,” said law firm founder Mathew Higbee. Higbee was a speaker at the DMLA’s Annual Conference in New York in 2017.

The Copyright Division of Higbee & Associates provides a wide range of artists with copyright enforcement, legal and business advice, and copyright registration services. Becoming a part of the DMLA links Higbee & Associates with a community of likeminded attorneys, artists, and businesses all committed to protecting the rights of creative professionals and the future of the industry.

Representatives from Higbee & Associates will be attending the 2018 DMLA Conference in Los Angeles in October.