We are committed to protecting the livelihood of creative professionals.

We are committed to protecting the livelihood of creative professionals.

We are committed to protecting the livelihood of creative professionals.

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Simple, fast and affordable solutions to maximize your protection by registering all of your work with the US Copyright office.

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Expert legal and business advice to make sure your passion and talent are providing you a profitable and stress-free career.

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Copyright Enforcement

A team of technology and legal experts who will find unauthorized use of your work and get you paid-typically twice as much as competing services.

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Whether you are an emerging professional or a legend of the industry...

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Reviews & Feedback

Higbee & Associates are really good at pursuing the companies and individuals that steal my photos and turning the whole process into another stream of revenue for my photography business. I would highly recommend their services.
- Chris Thompson

I found Higbee & Associates to be very effective in the defense of my copyrights and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other photographers and intellectual property owners.
- R.M. Media

Protecting my intellectual property and digital assets from copyright infringement is an unfortunate but necessary part of operating a successful photography business today. I shouldered this burden largely by myself before turning to Higbee & Associates to advocate on my behalf. This partnership has freed up valuable time for me that I can now spend working with my customers and creating new imagery instead of chasing down those who look to use my intellectual property without compensation.
- Aaron Reed

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