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RM Media LTD

Who is RM Media?

RM Media LTD is a micro-stock photography and marketing company based in the United Kingdom. It provides rights managed and royalty free images and custom created images to some of the biggest retailers and publishers in the world.

RM Media LTD’s images are some of the widely used on the internet. Their unique lines of creatively themed stock photos have been used on tens of thousands of sites.

Sample Copyright Lawsuits Filed By RM Media

RM Media LTD uses multiple law firms to protect their copyrights. They have filed multiple lawsuits during the past few years. Below is a partial list.

RM Media Ltd. v. Eric Tran et al 8-18-cv-01508 Judgment $17,500 + attorneys fees
RM Media Ltd. v. Dalton Wade Inc. et al 8-18-cv-00657 Settled / Dismissed
RM Media Ltd. v. No Debt LLC et al 2-18-cv-00806 Settled / Dismissed
RM Media Ltd. v. 420 Evaluations, Inc. et al 2-17-cv-08577 Settled / Dismissed

Sample Results from RM Media Copyright Lawsuits and Pre-litigation Claims

Types of Copyright Claims RM Media LTD Does Not Pursue

Generally speaking, RM Media LTD does not pursue claims against non-commercial entities. RM Media defines non-commercial as sites that do not sell goods or promote services, display advertising or solicit contributions or subscriptions.

How To Resolve Copyright Claims from RM Media

“RM Media makes many of our images available for very low prices and some only require complying with a specified Creative Commons license; so we do not take kindly to people not paying or complying with the terms of a license. You can read more about our Creative Commons policy on our website. We always try to resolve claims outside of court before filing a lawsuit. Please communicate with our attorney so that we can work together to find a practical solution. If you think our initial offer of to resolve the matter is too high, please let us know more, such as how you used the image, how long you used the image and how you obtained it. You are welcome to submit a counteroffer based on facts that you present. If you have a license please let us know and accept our apology for the inconvenience.“
-Paul Clunes, Licensing, RM Media LTD

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