president obama on gun legislaturePresident Obama recently stated the United States is in an “epidemic of gun violence,” at a White House proposal meeting regarding gun control. Many Americans who have been convicted of crimes are concerned about the possibility of losing Second Amendment rights due to the President’s proposal.

President Obama’s proposed legislation arises in response to incidents such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, as well as other shootings associated with the mishandling of firearm use and accessibility. The President’s proposal is a reaction to strengthening “local laws, gun crime laws, state laws and federal laws…holding people accountable who have committed crimes,” stated fellow Republican sheriff from Washington, Dave Reichert.

The gun control proposal would put into effect a variety of procedures that can effect the population of Americans who have a criminal record. Such proposed procedures would include, but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory background checks from both public and private establishments involved in gun sales
  • Higher penalties for persons who bypass background checks and purchase firearm through others, also known as “straw purchasers”
  • Providing pertinent information to the federal background check system
  • Creating incentives for states sharing background check information
  • Authorizing the General Attorney to categorize and profile individuals prohibited to obtain firearms
  • Law enforcement’s enacting of conducting background checks on individuals who have seized returned guns
  • Requiring the federal law to run background checks on guns recovered in criminal cases

Although the President’s proposed legislation provides the regulated, enforced, and strictly monitored use and accessibility of firearms to benefit our society, the initiative may also cause distress for Americans who carry the burden of a criminal background and are attempting to acquire and maintain firearms.

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