Inc. Magazine, one of the country’s most prominent business magazines, published a profile of Higbee & Associates as part of its series of profiles on the fastest growing companies in 2012.     Higbee & Associates is being considered for inclusion on Inc Magazine’s annual list of 5,000 of the fastest growing companies (Inc 5000).


The article focuses on how the law firm’s growth has been driven by the strategic use of technology in all aspects of the law firm and the law firm’s unique marketing strategies.  “Our IT, sales and marketing are all handled by one in-house team, they not only collaborate to maximize the each other’s potential, they participate in every management level meeting to make sure they are able to maximize all aspects of the law firm.  This synergistic approach gives us much greater quality and efficiency than we would get if we were using a traditional departmental approach.”  said Mathew Higbee, founder of Higbee & Associates.


Associate attorney Natasha Buchanan says the strategic use of technology directly benefits the client.  “The substantial investments that the law firm makes in innovative technology has really made it easier for us to provide the highest level of service for our clients, especially in the areas of ensuring that are clients are always well-informed and have the most up-to-date information regarding their respective cases or matters,” said Buchanan.


The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates markets its services under multiple DBA’s, including, FirstSoureLaw and Higbee & Associates.


Paralegal, Aubrey Feriante, who has been with Higbee & Associates since 2008 says the marketing approach customizes the feel of the law firm beyond the initial sign-up. “Individually branding our division allows us to bring that small town atmosphere (or small business feel) to every client’s experience within our firm while inspiring confidence by being a part of something bigger… something special,” says Feriante.


The Inc. 5000 list is typically published in the August issue of Inc. Magazine.