If you were to Google search the phrase “can I expunge an infraction in California” you would likely find a lot of results stating that you cannot. This was have been true in the past, but thanks to a change in law (CA Penal code 1203.4a) signed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that became effective on the first of 2011, you may now be able to expunge an infraction. The new law will authorize courts to expunge a former conviction for a non-vehicular infraction. With this new law in place a lot more people will become eligible to file for expungement.


A partial-list of infractions that could possibly be expunged include, petty theft, disturbing the peace, and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Our firm’s expungement division, RecordGone.com, has an easy to take eligibility test that will determine if your non-traffic infraction is eligible for expungement under the new law.