Veterans Day Higbee & Associates is partnering with Veterans First to sponsor a criminal record expungement workshop on Thursday, November 10, in Santa Ana from 1:30 to 3:30. The event is part of Higbee & Associates annual action for veterans event which centers around Veterans Day.

The workshop will cover the eligibility requirements and benefits to clear a criminal record, assist the veterans and families with completing the expungement motion, and advise the attendees on how to file the paperwork and complete the expungement process. This workshop is free for veterans and their family.

“Those who serve in the armed services, especially those who serve in combat, often have a difficult time adjusting to civilian life,” said attorney Mathew Higbee. “These difficulties often lead to criminal records that can be a major obstacle to employment, housing and other important parts of life. Similar results and hardships are often experienced by family members of veterans. Fortunately, many of these records can be expunged and the associated problems can be reduced.”

Higbee & Associates is a national law firm that has helped more than 7,000 successfully clear their criminal record. The law firm’s criminal record clearing division is promoted as