Important Terms of This Service

By completing and returning the In Pro Per Discovery Questionnaire, you enter into the following Agreement:

The Law Firm Higbee & Associates (“Firm”) will provide Responses to Plaintiff’s Discovery Requests along with instructions on where the documents need to be signed before they can be sent to the opposing counsel’s office.   Firm is only preparing documents and is not acting as your attorney of record on the case.

You are responsible for getting your documents sent to the opposing counsel’s office within the time allowed in your state.   Firm will provide you the Responses to Plaintiff’s Discovery Requests and instructions within four (4)  business days of you returning the completed In Pro Per Discovery Questionnaire.   If the documents are incorrect or require edits before they are ready to send to the opposing counsel’s office, Firm will amend the documents at no additional charge.

The fee for this service is $150.00.   You authorize Americor to pay Firm from funds that they hold in trust on your behalf. 

You authorize Firm to contact you via phone or text message using technology, including automated dialers and messaging systems.   You will be responsible for any costs incurred by your phone carrier.   Attorney may use third-party software tools, some of which may be online, to gather information about you, your case and you level of satisfaction with this service.

Any dispute arising out of this agreement or service shall be resolved through binding arbitration in Orange County, CA.   Each party to pay their own attorneys fees and costs.