More than 1.7 million young, undocumented immigrants have become eligible to apply for immigration benefits since the initiation of President Obama’s deferred action plan.   This action is the biggest expansion of immigration in decades.  Here are some of the documents that will be needed when you file for deferred action.


  • Copy of Your Birth Certificate;
  • Copy of Your Matricula Consular ID or Passport;
  • Proof of Either School Enrollment or High School Diploma;
  • Proof of Entry Into U.S. at Age 15 or Younger;
  • Evidence of Continuous Presence in U.S. Since June 15, 2007;
  • Evidence of Presence in U.S. on June 15, 2012;
  • Birth Certificates of U.S. Citizen Children (if applicable);
  • Two (2) Passport-Style Photos;
  • Filing Fee Check or Money Order ($465) Payable to the “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”
The above documents may be any of the following: school records, medical records, employment records, federal tax returns, bank statements, insurance statements, utility bills, lease agreements, vaccination records, etc.


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WARNING: Don’t get scammed by “Notarios” who may want to help. It is very important you contact a qualified immigration attorney before applying.  Not every young immigrant will qualify for deferred action. Individuals who are found ineligible due to criminal history may be placed into removal proceedings. Therefore, you need to be positive of your eligibility before applying.


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