At Higbee & Associates, we understand that family related matters are often the most complicated and emotionally difficult disputes for all parties involved.  At what can be a very stressful time in your life can become nearly unbearable with questions and uncertainty that arises with the dissolution of marriage, who will have custody of your children, or wondering where you will now live, or how to support yourself.  Our mission is to shoulder your burden and make certain that your family law case is handled by caring, compassionate, and competent attorneys.

Our experienced and compassionate attorneys can help you and your family resolve these often heart-wrenching issues with ease, skill, and success.  Our skilled legal team at Higbee & Associates will ensure that you are properly represented to achieve the best possible outcome, for both you and your family.  We will tailor our legal representation to your specific needs, whether it be an amicable settlement agreement or complex litigation.

Our legal expertise and guidance is available to you. Our practice areas include the following:


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Thousands of people have come to Higbee & Associates because of the affordable prices, which are typically 35% less than what most attorneys charge.  However, it is the level of service and successful results that keeps clients coming back and referring their friends and family.  Higbee & Associates has earned customer service awards and “A+” ratings from the Better Business Bureau because we are willing to go the extra-mile to help you during difficult times.  It begins with making ourselves available at times that are convenient for you, including Saturdays and outside of normal business hours.  We also eliminate the risk by making the initial consultation free and with no obligation.  We can also meet you in any of our five Southern California offices.  Contact us today and see why our clients love working with us.