The attorneys at Higbee & Associates are experienced in professional licensure protection.  We understand that being able to continue a career is contingent upon securing a professional license.  Past lapses in judgment may lead to a license denial, suspension, or revocation.  Our attorneys will help you understand how the law applies to your specific case, alert you of your options, and if necessary, aggressively advocate on your behalf before the proper California Administrative Hearings Office.


Depending on the circumstances, a background check can be just another step in the licensure process, or it can be a serious impediment stopping you in your tracks.  A misstep after you have already obtained your license can just as well be a difficult and confusing process when dealing with suspension, revocation, or termination.  Higbee & Associates represents both aspiring and practicing professionals.  These individuals may have extensive knowledge in their own areas of practice; unfortunately, they are often ill equipped to deal with the complex nature of the law as it applies to licensing in the field.  It is understandable that working professionals without prior experience in legal matters and without the proper direction of how to present their case would be at an initial disadvantage before an administrative board that deals with the intricacies of similar cases on a day-to-day basis.


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