Higbee & Associates understands how difficult the current job and business markets are and is here to protect and help you.  We can offer  legal representation to both employees and employers who find themselves in a wide variety of employment issues.


As an employee, you may find that your employer has terminated you based on your sex, race, religion or age or that your employee has terminated you to avoid paying you sales commissions or wages that you have earned.  As an employer, you may find yourself faced with an employee who is alleging wage and hour violations or disputes over sick, pregnancy or maternity leave or vacation time.  Or as an employee or employer you may need assistance in the negotiation and enforcement of severance agreements.  We can help you in protecting your interests.


Don’t allow the current economy to leave you feeling powerless and obtain an advocate who will fight for your rights.  The attorneys at Higbee & Associates have the knowledge and expertise to efficiently and effectively litigate your case.


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