At Higbee & Associates, we understand that the decision to end a marriage can be one of the most difficult, emotional and challenging times that one will encounter in their life.  Our compassionate and experienced attorneys understand that divorce proceedings are often met with high stress and charged emotions.  A divorce will generally bring immediate ambiguity, uncertainty and provoke questions such as, “Where will I live?”, “Who will be able to stay in the family home?”, “How will I support myself?”, “How much money will I have to pay my spouse in support?” or “Who will have custody of our children?”


When it comes to choosing an attorney to handle your family affairs, it is important to choose an attorney you can trust with all of your personal matters.  We understand the delicate nature of your divorce and will guide you through the process in a professional and caring manner.  You can trust we will be supportive of your concerns and advocate for your rights.  At Higbee & Associates, we will do everything in our power to make the process less painful for you and your family.


Types of Divorce

We will approach your case with your specific circumstances and goals in mind, taking into consideration the three basic types of divorce that exist in California:

  • Uncontested divorce
  • Contested divorce
  • Collaborative


In an uncontested divorce case, the couple agrees on all issues required to end their marriage and can come to a settlement out of court without the need for the court’s involvement to adjudicate the issues. A contested divorce proceeding is where the parties cannot reach a settlement on one or more of the issues to end their marriage. During litigation in a contested divorce proceeding, the parties will subject themselves to the rulings of a judge on the issues before the court.  On the other hand, in a collaborative divorce proceeding, open communication is used with the assistance of a neutral to encourage the parties to work together to come to a resolution of the issues in their divorce. Irrespective of your family circumstances, we will help you reach an amicable agreement.


Residency Requirement

Our attorneys will also navigate you through California’s challenging laws, including the division of property and other assets the complex community property statutes.  We will also ensure that you are filing for divorce in the correct court.  In order for the court to enter a judgment for the dissolution of marriage in California, at least one of the parties to the marriage must have been a resident of the State of California for six consecutive months and a resident of the county in which the proceeding was filed for three months prior to the filing of the petition.  California Family Code section 2320 (a).


Personalized Approach

We approach each and every case the personalized approach to achieve the best results for our clients, respective of each and every family circumstance and dynamic.  Whether your case is settled out of court, or proceeds to trial, Higbee & Associates strategizes with our clients every step of the way to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for them.


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