At Higbee & Associates, we understand how stressful it can be to constantly deal with relentless phone calls and letters from debt collectors. As your legal advocate, we will make sure that your creditors follow all laws and regulations as set forth by state law and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If they do not, you will be entitled to monetary compensation.


The FDCPA is a piece of federal legislation designed to protect the consumer from unfair tactics often used by debt collectors. If any of the above has occurred, you may be entitled to monetary relief. Under the FDCPA, each violation of a regulation can result in statutory damages up to $1000 paid by the debt collector directly to you in addition to any other damages caused by the debt collector. Most times the Court will even order the debt collector to pay your attorney fees.


Has any of the following happened to you?

  • Have you received a phone call from a debt collector after 8pm or before 9am?
  • Have you received an unreasonable number of phone calls from a debt collector?
  • Has a debt collector contacted you at your place of work?
  • Has a debt collector directly, or indirectly, alerted a 3rd party of your debt?
  • Has a debt collector left a message on your answering machine?
  • Have you received threats of legal action, violence, criminal prosecution, jail time, or imminent actions to damage your credit from a debt collector?
  • Has a debt collector published a “shame list” naming you as a debtor?
  • Has a debt collector used deceptive, false, or misleading methods in attempt to collect your debt, such as falsely claiming they work for a government agency?
  • Have you visited a doctor or been otherwise hospitalized due to the stress or anxiety creditors have caused you?

If so, you are entitled to:

  • An immediate termination to all communications from debt collectors
  • An accounting and verification of the debt

You may also be entitled to:

  • Statutory damages up to $1000 per violation from the debt collector
  • An additional award for other damages caused by the debt collector, such as emotional distress
  • Have the debt reduced or possibly even completely released
  • Have harmful credit reports cleared