We offer excellent services and specialized attention in all areas of immigration law. We help employers obtain foreign talent and individuals achieve the American dream; all at an affordable cost. Our attorneys have a track record of achieving success with the most difficult cases and have earned us an “A+” ratings from the Better Business Bureau for 5 straight years. No matter where you are, let us take care of all your immigration needs.

Benefits of Hiring Higbee & Associates

Our deportation attorneys are some of the best.  Not only are they experienced and knowledgeable, they are passionate about protecting the rights of immigrants and their families.

Hire us, and we will get it right the first time.

  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Attorneys
  • We serve all of southern California (Offices in LA, Orange County, San Diego & Riverside)
  • Committed To Your Success
  • Flat-Fee Pricing
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Case Status Update Available 24/7
  • Attorneys On Call 7AM – 10 PM PST

An Experienced Attorney Gets Results

When you attend your immigration hearings, you will be facing aggressive and experienced government attorneys.  Their sole objective is to get you removed from the U.S. as quickly as possible.  You need our attorneys to vigorously protect your rights and interests.  Our attorneys care about you and the outcome of your case.  We will exhaust every effort to get you the results that you and your family deserve.


What We Can Do For You

Deportation & Removal. Higbee & Associates represents individuals fighting deportation before the United States Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and Federal Circuit Courts. If you are detained by ICE or have been placed into removal proceedings, you may qualify for a work permit, permanent residency, or to have your case administratively closed. Don’t take a gamble. Beat the odds by hiring Higbee & Associates to win your  case!

Family Visas. Higbee & Associates helps bring families together. If you have a family member who is a U.S. citizen or Legal Resident, they may be able to sponsor or legalize your status. Secure your future today and call our attorneys for a free consultation.

Employment Visas. Whether you are an employer looking to hire foreign talent or an employee seeking work opportunities in the U.S., we can help. Call us now for a free consultation.

Investor Visas. Our attorneys are passionate about helping investors create jobs in the United States. If you would like to find out how creating jobs in the U.S. can lead to a green card, we can help. Give our experienced attorneys a call for a free evaluation.

Waivers. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of immigrants who have been deemed inadmissible reunite with their families. Waivers are a lot of work and difficult to obtain. Increase your chance of success by allowing us to help you.

Citizenship. Legal Residents are deportable. Citizens are not. Allow Higbee & Associates to help your future today! Call now to find out your eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge To Take A Case?
Our legal fees depend on the type of case.  However, we offer free consultations where we will quote you a flat-fee charge with no hidden costs.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?
Absolutely! We understand paying for legal fees is not easy. We offer flexible payment plans and accept all major credit cards.

When Can We Meet?
Our flagship office is located in Santa Ana, CA.  If you live in the area, please feel free to call our office and schedule a free in-person consultation. Otherwise, we can schedule a telephonic consultation and can even consult via Skype – all without a charge.

What Is My Chance of Success?
Success of a given case depends on many different factors.  While we cannot guarantee success, our experienced immigration attorneys can give you a pretty good idea of what the chance of success is. Call our immigration experts to find out what YOUR chance of success is.

Are You Able To Take A Case Outside Southern California?
Although our flagship office is located in Santa Ana, we are a national law firm with clients worldwide. However, if your case involves deportation and removal, we can only take your case with a scheduled court hearing in Southern California.

Consult With Our Qualified Immigration Attorneys!

Consulting with an immigration attorney before starting any immigration case is the smartest thing you can do.  Submitting forms and petitions without meeting eligibility requirements can lead to devastating consequences and can even result in deportation. Avoid this simple mistake. Consult with a qualified immigration attorney today.

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