Adlife Marketing & Communications Enforce Their Copyrights

Who is Adlife?

Adlife Marketing & Communications (Adlife) is an advertising and marketing company that was originally established in 1992 in Massachusetts. Adlife is now organized in Rhode Island.

What Adlife Does

Adlife provides a widerange marketing and advertising services primarily to the food retail, wholesale and distribution sectors, as well as to restaurants. Their clients include some of the biggest retailers and wholesalers of food in the United States.

Get Access to Their Photo Library

Adlife is the creator and licensor of a popular library of photos involving food and prepared food. The library is rights managed and available exclusively through a subscription offered directly through Adlife. A subscription can be purchased at

Lawsuits Filed By Adlife Marketing & Communications

Adlife uses multiple law firms to protect their copyrights. They have filed dozens of lawsuits during the past few years. Below is a partial list.

Sample Results from Adlife Copyright Claims & Litigation

  • Mediator’s proposal accepted, case settled for more than $450,000 for use of approximately 70 photos in online and in print advertising
  • Litigation settled for $225,000 for use of approximately 35 photos by an regional grocery store
  • Mediators proposal accepted, case settled for $250,000 for use of approximately 70 images by grocery store chain
  • Claim settled for $53,000 for use of approximately 12 photos on recipe oriented website.
  • Claim settled for $15,000 for use of two images by single location restaurant
  • Claim settled for $7,000 for use of one image by digital publication.

Types of Copyright Claims Adlife Does Not Pursue

Generally speaking, Adlife does not pursue claims against non-commercial entities.

How To Resolve Copyright Claims from Adlife

“Most claims begin with an attempt to resolve the claim outside of court. So communicate with our attorney so that we can resolve the matter in a fair and efficient matter. If you think our initial offer of settlement is too high, please tell us more about how you used the image, how long you used the image and how you obtained it— and provide us a counteroffer. If you have a license please let us know and accept our apology for the inconvenience.“ Joel Albrizio, President, Adlife Marketing & Communications

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